Sun's Out...

Sun’s Out… is a 6-week resistance training program designed with three training days each week. The program’s title lets you fill in the blank to your liking! These full-body training sessions see to it that when the sun is out and shining, you'll be ready to show off your hard work—whether it's your arms in your favorite swim trunks or your glutes in a new bikini.

Sun’s Out, Guns Out or Sun’s Out, Buns Out—the choice is yours!

For the best results, complete the preceding program, Vacay is Calling, before starting Sun’s Out…

Vacay is Calling

Vacay is Calling is a 6-week resistance training program designed to prepare your body for the vacation that awaits. The three (3) day, full-body workouts promote fat loss, lean muscle gain, and a little more incentive to utilize your paid time off!


Whether your focus is on sculpting your back, more leg definition, or a stronger core; the purpose of this program is to ensure that you’ll be ready to answer the call when your next vacay rings.

Vacay is Calling (Dumbbell Edition)

Love/Hate Relationship with Squats

Love/Hate Relationship with Squats is a 6-week resistance training program that emphasizes a movement we adore and despise at the same time, the squat. The program might cause you to question your love for the movement as it allows you to train the back squat twice per week while incorporating several variations. Consider it tough love. After this program, you can look forward to improved strength and muscle mass. 

Love/Hate Relationship with Squats includes four (4) training days per week, consisting of a split training method (Squat/Push & Hinge/Pull). 

It's been said that challenging times can strengthen bonds within a relationship; well, let's get to strengthening!